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Curated self care products fro your skin

Our favorite non-Pilates tools to take care of your skin

Mr. Joseph Pilates was big into taking care of your entire body, spirit and mind. It’s even said he was a big advocate of dry brushing on a regular basis, which was definitely thought before its time. So, with that in mind, we’ve dedicated this week’s blog to a few of our favorite skincare products. We have included our favorite dry brushing tools, but also some of our favorite beauty products and sunscreens to get you through from summer to winter.

Dry Brushing benefits may include stimulating the lymphatic system, exfoliating the skin, and increasing circulation. This is our favorite dry brushing set because it has both a long handle for those hard-to-reach areas and a hand-held brush for the face (but we don’t use it there) that is, however, perfect for any tight-fit areas you don’t want the long handled brush. This set even has some shower gloves which are nice for traveling. 

Dermaplaning is often considered one of the most effective exfoliating treatments and something, with a little practice and education, you can do at home! The point of dermaplaning is to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and the peach fuzz from your face so your skin is healthier, radiant and smoother. It’s our favorite at-home spa treatment for sure. 

Lip Gloss can be more than aesthetically pleasing. The right one can help hydrate and moisturize your lips so they don’t crack and hurt, leaving them feeling soft and plump. Finding a lip balm that looks good and provides lasting results can be tricky, but we love this one with shae and murumuru butter. The natural look of this one, and the fact that it’s not sticky, has us using it before hopping into a Pilates class or a girls’ night out. 

Micellar Water is a great way to clean and remove makeup without having to scrub your skin, therefore being more gentle and more effective. It’s a win-win for sure! This is by far our favorite micellar water because it is gentle, effective and soothing for the skin. 

The Mighty Patch will be your best friend if you still suffer from the occasional breakout like we do! It’s hard to feel confident with a big red blemish on your face at any age. Mighty Patch offers a day patch and night patch. We love both for sure. They are thin, lightweight and effective which is all you could as for. Just pop a patch over your newest blemish and let it work its magic! 

St.Tropez self tanner offers a great alternative to the sun exposure we know is not great for us and causes premature aging. If you want a natural sun-kissed glow that is easy to do at home, with little to no smell, this is the product for you! (Unless you are like Melissa, who is just naturally a bronze goddess, this product is a game changer!) We love the classic mousse, their application mit and their bronzing water face mist.

We all know by now that if you are headed out into the sun, you will want to have sunscreen on your face for health reasons and to slow the signs of aging. We wear EltaMD Sunscreen year-round for this reason. We love both the tinted sunscreen on the days we don’t want to wear makeup but want a bit of coverage and we also love the clear oil free one that helps calm and soothe your skin while you wear it. 

We will help you take care of your body both in the physical studio and the online studio and we hope this will help you take better care of your skin too! Be sure to check out all our other recommended products on your website for select special offers from Amazon Prime from July 3 to July 18th. 

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