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Long Sleeve Athletic Shirt

This shirt is cute, comfortable and affordable. Win, Win, Win! The athleisure wear is perfect for going from the studio and then out to run errands. And it has thumb holes, need we say more?м

HeyNuts Essential Full Length Yoga Leggings

Buttery soft is the right description for these pants, but pinky promise they don’t roll or fall down on us throughout the day! We love these because they come in so many different colors, a wide variety of sizes and are so affordable. We think they are pretty true to size, but if you are in between two sizes we’d suggest trying the smaller of the two sizes. PS, they have a hidden waistband pocket.

HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings with side pockets for women

Did you say side pockets! Yes, the same leggings we fell in love with also come with full on pockets! We know some of you love to stash your phone or chap stick in there when out on a walk. All the greatness of these pants stayed the same as the long and the regular 7/8 just jazzed up by pockets so if that’s your thing you will definitely want to grab a pair of these in your favorite few colors. Also true to size in our opinion.

HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Yoga Leggings

These pants are perfect for anybody who likes the 7/8 length leggings! Just like the longer version and even have the hidden waistband pocket. These are butter soft, have just enough squeeze in all the right places and don’t roll or fall throughout the day. Plus, we love the variety or colors and size ranges they come in. We think they are pretty true to size but would suggest going down a size if you are between sizes.

Best Athletic Shorts You Will Own

These shorts are life! They are perfect for running, running errands or summer days at the beach. The waistband is comfortable, the length is perfect, the material is light, there is a small pocket on the waist, and they are cute and affordable. We dare you to not buy all the colors.

Pilates and Fitness Equipment for Home Use

Exercise Ball

If you are looking for a versatile and challenging piece of equipment to add to your home gym that is also inexpensive, then this fitness ball is for you! And we have a class coming up live online in January that will go into the on-demand library using this ball that you are not going to want to miss! We personally like the M or L size ball but be sure to read the suggested sizes depending on your height.

Pilates Ball

Workout at home with us using the same 9″ Pilates ball as we have in the studio. The Pilates Ball is such a versatile tool and can really heat up your next workout. We love it for that and because it lightweight, easy to store and easy to travel with. Literally with this ball you could work out from anywhere.

Pilates Circle

It’s the thing we all love to hate…but truth be told we love it! This Balance Body Pilates Circle is the same one we have in the studio so it will withstand hours of use without losing resistance. Plus, it has the most comfortable handles that slip the least out of any other Pilates Circle we have ever used. This is one piece of small Pilates equipment you will want to make sure you have in your home.

DumbBell Set

Want to sculpt and tone? You don’t want to skip on this set of dumbbells! There are so many health benefits of lifting free weights and dumbbells are a favorite to accomplish a lot! They have such a small footprint taking up only a small amount of floor space but pack a big punch for results. Especially this set which has three different sizes and a rack too. Bring on all the sleeveless shirts and dresses!

Pilates Arc/ Spine Corrector

Raise your hand if you feel stiff, stressed, or tight. I think we all could raise our hand for at least one of those! That is why we LOVE this Pilates Arc affectionately called the spine corrector. Need we say more?! But really, not only can you get some feel good, and probably necessary, extension the Pilates Arc can provide you an entire workout! If you have been around with us for a while you have probably done or seen the hip and glute workout on this that is pure gold for strong and slim hips. The Pilates Arc is crazy light weight and can be stored hanging on the wall, can be used on or off the reformer and incredibly versatile. We wish everyone had one of these at home because they are really that good.

Primasole Yoga Mat 1/2″ Thick, non-slip

This is our favorite budget friendly mat. It’s thick enough to be comfortable, but not too thick that its super heavy. You can easily roll it and store it when it’s not in use and its affordable enough to grab a few. Always a good idea to have an extra for a friend or if you are like us, one for outside and one for inside.

SPRI Hanging Exercise Mat

Don’t like to have the corners of your mat rolling up on you? You don’t have to tell us twice! We love these hanging mats and think they are great if you are lucky enough to have the space to hang your mats. This mat is hits all the marks for us and we LOVE you can select the right length for yourself!

Booty Bands

We can’t get enough of these three packs of resistance bands, aka booty bands. They are super comfortable because they are thick and anti-slip and very effective because they are the perfect amount of resistance between the three options. You might have used our set in the studio or seen one of our on-demand classes with them.

SPRI Wall Mount

This wall mount was designed to hold the SPRI 3/8” hanging mats and can hold enough mats for your whole family (up to 10 mats). We love it because it takes the guess work out of how to store your mats and saves you floor space plus the wall mount itself is easy to mount being all one piece. It’s a great asset for any home gym to maintain your equipment for years to come.

TRX Strap

TRX is one of our favorite workouts anytime, but especially when we travel. This is our favorite suspension trainer bundle from TRX and you definitely don’t want to get one of the knockoff versions. This strap has safety, comfort, and convenience built in that not all the other options do. These are the straps we have in studio and use at home personally and they have lasted us years!

Yoga Bolster

This yoga bolster is the perfect density to be supportive but soft enough to be comfortable. It can be used as a prop to help you get into a supported position, a rest pose, or a stretch. It’s perfect for helping you get into some of those trickier mat Pilates moves if you have tight hips, hamstrings, or both. We have used the specific bolster in the studio for over ten years and it has held shape very well. Highly recommend!

Health and Beauty

Elta MD tinted sunscreen

This face sunscreen is our year-round go-to! On the days you want a natural look with just a bit of coverage with a sun skin kissed glow, this sunscreen is all you need and is easy to reapply. On days you want more of a full coverage look, apply before you put on your makeup and feel comfortable that you are protecting your skin and taking care of the only face you will ever have!

Dry Brush Set

Dry Brushing benefits may include stimulating the lymphatic system, exfoliating the skin, and increasing circulation. This is our favorite dry brushing set because it has both a long handle for those hard to reach areas and a hand held brush, they say it’s for the face but we don’t use it there, but it is perfect for any tight fit areas you don’t want the long handled brush. This set even has some shower gloves which are nice for traveling.

Dermaplaning Facial Razors

Dermaplaning is often considered one of the most effective exfoliating treatments and something with a little practice and education you can do at home! The point of dermaplaning is to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and the peach fuzz from your face so your skin is healthier, radiant and smoother. It’s our favorite at-home spa treatment for sure.

The Mighty Patch for Daytime

The Mighty Patch will be your best friend if you still suffer from the occasional break out like we do! It’s hard to feel confident with a big red blemish on your face at any age. Mighty Patch offers a day patch that is thin, lightweight and effective which is all you could as for. Just pop a patch over your newest blemish before you put on any product or makeup and not only will it be helping clear up your skin, it will also help hid your blemish as you go about your day.

The Mighty Patch for Night Time

The Mighty Patch will be your best friend if you still suffer from the occasional break out like we do! It’s hard to feel confident with a big red blemish on your face at any age. The original mighty patch is the one we fell in love with first! It works hard while you sleep and stays on your face so when you wake up your blemish is smaller and you are left feeling more confident.

Elta MD Clear Oil Free Sunscreen

Nobody wants more wrinkles, age spots or other signs of aging. Sunscreen can help slow down all of these! This face sunscreen is great for sensitive or acne prone skin and has a clear, lightweight coverage. You can wear it on or under makeup year round and you won’t even know it’s on your face.

Cooling Calm Face Spray

This face mist from The Honest Beauty has a very mild scent, but overall we give it a 9/10. It is perfect for misting your skin (face or any other body part) that needs a refresh. Perfect post-workout, or to throw in your pool bag this summer, or even to keep at your desk to use when you need a pick me up. Very light and refreshing!


Hydration Sticks

Your hydration has more to do with your health and wellness than you are probably giving it credit for! Get hydrated and stay hydrated with our favorite option we could find on Amazon. Using one of these sticks a day will help you drink more water because of the flavor, but it will also hydrate your body in a deeper level because of the minerals. What’s your favorite flavor? I love anything citrus!


Rebuilding Milo

This book is a must-read even if you aren’t a bodybuilder because it’s like an owner’s manual for your body. The truth is, we all experience pain and discomfort over the years of living and this book explains in simple terms with things you can do at home how your body functions and how to reduce pain. And I LOVE the spiral-bound aspect of this book. Makes it so easy to read and use while trying some of the exercises.

Defining wealth for women

Changing your financial status—like many things in life—is mind over matter: The way you think about money impacts the amount of money you have.

Even if you’ve never struggled with finances, this book helps you take your financial status to the next level and make your money work for you.

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