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Premier Pilates Studio in Fort Mill SC

About Our Studio

Who we are

The Pilates CURE is Fort Mill’s exclusive boutique Pilates Studio, offering both online and in-person services to meet your needs. Conveniently located close to I-77 on Highway 21 Bypass between the scenic River Walk in Rock Hill and the iconic Peach Stand in Fort Mill.

The Pilates CURE is firmly rooted within the community of Fort Mill and continues to grow due to the results people have achieved working with Andrea and her staff as well as the friendly atmosphere they continue to provide. The Pilates CURE takes great pride in not only serving Fort Mill through the form of Pilates and Fitness but also by giving back to the community by supporting local organizations through various food drives and participating in charity events throughout the year.

What We Do

Pilates classes for all levels

Private sessions in person or online

Duet & Trio sessions

On-Demand Pilates and Fitness

Experience Complete Pilates System in a Fully Equipped Studio

If you want to feel more confident, unstoppable, resilient and empowered as you tackle your day, look no further! At Pilates CURE you will be able to customize your experience to fit your goals and lifestyle. We will guide you every step of the way helping you select the most efficient and productive path to achieve your goals.

You will experience new challenges in every session at our state-of-the-art studio due to the wide variety of Pilates apparatus we use to teach in our sessions; including Reformers, Jump Boards, Towers, Cadillacs, Spilt Pedal Combo Chairs, Spine Correctors, a Ped-o-Pull, a CoreAlign, and a Ladder Barrel.

What you can expect

As you progress in your practice of Pilates, you will experience a deepening of your abdominal strength and mind-body awareness that will help you understand why Pilates CURE and their teaching approach are so effective. You can also expect to experience improved balance, endurance, overall strength and core strength, flexibility and mental clarity through the practice of Pilates with The Pilates Cure.

How We Do IT

We truly understand the value of your time and can relate to how hard it can feel to make time away from your family, work, and hobbies to come work out with us. Pilates CURE strives to help you produce quality movement that will carry over into your life, not just quantity of movement that may not produce the lasting results you want.

We do this by helping you build a strong foundation through private training and progression onward from there. This not only allows us to get to know you and your body better, but is part of the difference of providing you a strong foundation upon which to continuously build.

Pilates CURE values your time and honors your goals by only hiring teachers who are committed to the Pilates lifestyle themselves, have graduated from a reputable Pilates Teacher training program and are active with their Pilates continuing education. Our goal is always to work efficiently, effectively and have you leave feeling better than when you walked in.

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