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3 Tips To Help You Feel at Ease During Your First Pilates Session

Woman exercising on a Pilates mat with fitness props around her

Trying new things can feel a bit overwhelming at times, but we want you to know Pilates Cure is a place you can totally come just as you are! Here are a few things we want you to know if you are feeling a bit anxious about scheduling your first Pilates experience. 

  1. Not everyone looks as perfect doing Pilates as they do on Instagram, because Instagram is not always real life.  Most of us are not, nor where ever dancers and we will therefore never look or move like a dancer. You may not have the perfect form for side-lying legs and look like a rocket but if not, a consistent Pilates practice will help you work on your form and your overall health.  Remember, progress not perfection, so come as you are! And truthfully, nobody is looking at you anyway. They are too worried about their own body and what it is doing or not doing!
  2. You can’t shock your Pilates instructor.  We have seen and heard it all so be truthful about your body and your goals.  Can’t touch your toes?  Guess what?  Neither can 50% of the population (okay, we made that statistic up but you get the point!) a regular Pilates practice will get you closer to those toes, strengthening and lengthening your muscles at the same time.  Pilates Cure is here to help you reach those goals (and toes) but flexibility is not a prerequisite for your Pilates session!
  3. You may feel stronger and longer even after your first class. Some of the exercises may seem slow and mild at first as you learn the proper technique, but don’t be surprised if you feel sore afterward. Pilates often targets your intrinsic muscles that are not used as much in other workouts or your daily routine and it only gets better with time. Often the more you practice, the deeper the connection you are able to make and therefore the better results you will get!

Pilates Cure wants you to be comfortable during your class so keep the above points in mind, and if you are wondering what to wear, here are a few of our tried and true favorite basics from Amazon (click the links below to shop):

Sports Bra with Adjustable Hook – This is one of Andrea’s favorite low impact sports bras with an adjustable band and wide straps. This bra checks my top three boxes for anything low impact: cute and available in lots of colors, supportive and full coverage! 

Long-sleeve Athletic Shirt – This shirt is cute, comfortable and affordable. Win, Win, Win! The athleisure wear is perfect for going from the studio and then out to run errands. And it has thumb holes, need we say more?

HeyNuts High-waisted Compression Workout Pant – These pants are the real deal!  They stay up through your entire workout.  No more pulling and tugging!

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