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Seated Pilates Class

Seated Pilates

for Back and Joint Care

Join us for an entirely seated, online, small group class designed to incorporate all the benefits of pilates specifically from a chair to take into account your spine and joint health.

  • Gain strength and flexibility
  • Use any table chair in a mostly-seated workout
  • Enjoy pilates and resistance exercises
  • All while staying in a mostly-neutral spine position
  • Safe for anyone with disc, joint or back discomfort

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What People are Saying

“Seated pilates classes have been so good for me! I have serious back, neck and hip issues. My flexibility and pain levels are much better with these gentle movements and Patti helps make sure I do each move correctly and safely! Highly recommend it!”
-Judy W

“My flexibility and strength improves with each class. Patti helps each of us in the virtual class know exactly how to perform the moves and gives modifications for those who need it. I highly recommend this class for anyone with arthritis or other back or joint issues.”
-Patsy B

“Seated pilates for back and joint care with Patti is an awesome class. Even for those of us who get lots of cardio in through daily walks! After just a few classes my back and arms feel a lot stronger and I have a much greater range of motion through my hip flexors. As a result, it’s way easier for me to pick up my infant grandson and get up and down off the floor when playing with him. I especially appreciate the way Patti demonstrates all of the exercises and offers alternatives if your range of motion is limited. The online format works well, too.” -Debi A.