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Private Training Sessions, Duet Sessions, and Trio Sessions Terms and Agreement

I understand that Pilates Cure is currently not operating as a drop-in style studio due to regulations induced by COVID-19 and all in-studio reservations are by appointment only. No one will be able to register or alter their own reservations online. When I purchase a package of private training sessions, duet sessions or trio sessions the following is true:

  • All appointments will be scheduled, or rescheduled by Pilates Cure on first come first serve basis when requested
  • Pilates Cure is not responsible for providing anyone requesting a reservation with a duet or trio partner, although will when possible and requested
  • the 24-hour cancellation policy will be strictly enforced
  • Reservations are made for a specific block of time on regularly scheduled day(s) and time(s) for consecutive weeks until the package purchased is completed
  • if a participant(s) from a reservation cannot make the regular scheduled session, the participant(s) who missed will be offered the option of making up their session by joining an online group session within 5 days of the missed appointment
  • All packages have a strict 30-day expiration date. If more flexibility is needed due to travel, work, etc, single sessions will be the best option
  • Session reservations will not be made, and time slot held, until the sessions have been paid for by all parties in the private, duet or trio session
  • It is up to the participants within the duets or trios to decided when a reservation needs to be modified or canceled (ie. If one or more parties in the group are consecutively unable to attend regularly scheduled session for any reason, like extended travel, and want to make a change it is up to the group to determine what happens to the reservation time slot not Pilates Cure)
  • Pilates Cure has the right to change the teacher of any session with no notice
  • if for any reason Pilates Cure needs to cancel any session within the 24-hour cancelation period, or outside of it, the session will be rescheduled as quickly as possible. If it cannot be rescheduled at a convenient time for everyone, it will be rolled over to the next month or I will have an option to join an online group session as a replacement within 5 days of the cancelation.