The Pilates Cure holds monthly specialty Pilates workshops for Pilates students. These workshops will help you progress your Pilates practice, improve your body awareness, work on specific wellness goals (e.g. flexibility, deep core activation) or get deeply acquainted with different pieces of Pilates apparatus.

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Presale is now Open!

A seated Pilates program that shows you how to get a killer workout without ever going to a studio or getting on a mat

You would come to the studio every day if you could, but that’s not the reality with travel and other obligations. Many other at-home Pilates programs require you to get up and down on the floor and leaving you feeling frustrated and restricted instead of leaving you feeling confident and independent. 

Limitless is an at-home Pilates program where you can expect to get an effective workout without having to get down on a mat or find somewhere to keep a bulky, expensive Pilates apparatus in your home. Each class will provide studio-quality instruction and familiar Pilates movements taught by the Pilates Cure team.

There are six classes in Limitless and each one has a different intention to provide you with variety but also a complete full-body training program when done together. It is ideal for getting three or more Pilates classes in a week so you can feel confident, independent, and resilient!  

Presale: $88 until 5/21

Early bird: $105 – 5/22 until 5/29

Final price: $125 – 5/30 onward

Summer Pilates for Teens

June-July 2023

We hear all the time “I wish I would have started Pilates sooner!” and we can totally relate. This is one of the reasons we try and host teen Pilates classes from time to time and we have decided we are long overdue to do it again! So mark your calendar and send us an email to make sure your son or daughter is a good fit. 

The teen Pilates Class will be held weekly on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. during the month of June and July and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Must pre-register, pay and fill out all documentation online to join
  • The class size limit is a max of 5 and a minimum of 3
  • No previous Pilates experience is necessary
  • Ages 12-17

This teen class is geared toward athletes who are ready to gain a deeper knowledge of body mechanics, improve movement patterns and have fun doing it.


Current Group is in Session. Registration Closed.

If you find yourself continually looking for something to help you feel feel more confident, maybe tone up and stabilize your weight but you aren’t sure where to start because nothing you have tried before has worked. It’s time to try lifting weights!  Foundations program was specifically designed to help women reap all the benefits free weights like improved bone density, metabolic stability and weight control, and to just feel better overall with increased confidence and independence. It is an 8-week self-lead program with weekly group support check-ins to keep you on track. All you need is two pairs of dumbbells, one light and one, to get started. And don’t worry, we will help you inside Foundations decide what light and heavy means to you.