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Special Events

The Pilates Cure holds monthly specialty Pilates workshops for Pilates students. These workshops will help you progress your Pilates practice, improve your body awareness, work on specific wellness goals (e.g. flexibility, deep core activation) or get deeply acquainted with different pieces of Pilates apparatus.

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Juicy Joints

The mobility program that takes you from feeling like the Tin Man to feeling like you are twenty again!



Early bird pricing is available until October 11th. Secure your spot today!

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Stong(H)er is the program written for busy moms trying to do it all every day. By the time the sun is going down you are left feeling frustrated, drained, and overstimulated. You squeeze a workout in when you can, but figuring out the logistics of what to do just feels like one more decision you have to make on your never-ending list of tasks. 

You want real change. You want more energy, more want to drop the extra few pounds you picked up last winter, and you want to enjoy the process. 



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Foundations is for you if the thought of picking up a dumbbell in front of your local gym bro makes you break out in hives, and you’d rather wear a 90s leotard complete with thong bottoms to a group Pilates class than attempt a free weight bench press. Think of Foundations like this: I’m going to take you through the “speed dating” of weight lifting (I mean it – 30 minutes or less!), and by the time we’re through our 8 weeks, you’re going to want to put a ring on it and commit to this for life. Yeah, you’re going to feel that good and confident in what you’re doing.

In this 8-week program, we are going to give you everything you need for each workout to do at home so that by the end you will

  • sleep better,
  • improve a better hormone balance,
  • increase your metabolism,
  • improve serotonin release (goodbye anxiety, helloooo happiness), and
  • build lean tissue & bone maintenance.

You can purchase just the written program which has everything you need, but if you are looking for a bit more support we also have a Voxer (it’s a real-time, walkie-talkie app) support group that will be live for the eight weeks we are doing the program together. If you have purchased the program previously and want to do it again with us and are interested in extra support, you can also just purchase the Voxer membership for those 8 weeks.



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A seated Pilates program that shows you how to get a killer workout without ever going to a studio or getting on a mat

You would come to the studio every day if you could, but that’s not the reality with travel and other obligations. Many other at-home Pilates programs require you to get up and down on the floor and leaving you feeling frustrated and restricted instead of leaving you feeling confident and independent. 

Limitless is an at-home Pilates program where you can expect to get an effective workout without having to get down on a mat or find somewhere to keep a bulky, expensive Pilates apparatus in your home. Each class will provide studio-quality instruction and familiar Pilates movements taught by the Pilates Cure team.

There are six classes in Limitless and each one has a different intention to provide you with variety but also a complete full-body training program when done together. It is ideal for getting three or more Pilates classes in a week so you can feel confident, independent, and resilient!  



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