The Pilates Cure holds monthly specialty Pilates workshops for Pilates students. These workshops will help you progress your Pilates practice, improve your body awareness, work on specific wellness goals (e.g. flexibility, deep core activation) or get deeply acquainted with different pieces of Pilates apparatus.

Dates and types of workshops offered are updated monthly. Please watch our schedule for upcoming workshops.

Stretch and Release Workshop

Lengthen your muscles and release tight knots that limit the range of motion during your Pilates class or everyday activities. During this workshop you will explore simple techniques of self-myofascial trigger point release to locate and release knots, followed by stretching exercises that you can do daily at home. The workshop will include fascial stretching techniques that offer gentle and yet effective ways to improve flexibility and prevent injury.

Where: In-studio and Online

FREE Pilates Community Class

Where: Online