Stretch and Release Workshop

In person* or Online via Zoom

Saturday May 8th at 10:00am
55 minutes

*limited to 6 participants in person

Want to reduce your stress and improve the way your body moves and feels?

Join us in our popular Stretch and Release Workshop to lengthen your muscles and release tight knots that limit the range of motion during your workouts and everyday activities.

During this 55 minute workshop you will explore simple techniques of self-myofascial trigger point release to locate and release knots, followed by stretching exercises that you can do daily at home. The workshop will include fascial stretching techniques that offer gentle and yet effective ways to improve flexibility and prevent injury. 

What to Expect

  • no Pilates experience needed 
  • reduce pain and lengthen tight muscles 
  • reduce stress 
  • increase range of motion and flexibility
  • learn techniques you can do at home

Equipment needed

  • In-person participants will be provided with all necessary props or can bring your own
  • Online Participants will need:

Sign Up For the Workshop

Please choose whether you are signing up for an in-studio workshop or for an online workshop.

What People are Saying

“Love the teachers at The Pilates CURE. I’ve taken a few online classes and have enjoyed them all and learning so much. I really enjoyed the community class with the foam roller. Everyone is so friendly and can’t wait to do more classes. Highly recommend trying a class out.”
-Rebecca P.

“I love stretch and release workshop! I feel wonderfully refreshed afterwards. I am arthritic and this workshop makes an enormous difference in my flexibility and mobility. It relieves stress and muscle tightness. I highly recommend it!
-Hazel F.

“Pilates CURE is an incredible place! Every instructor is supportive, knowledgeable and encouraging. The studio and virtual classes are a great workout but also so fun that they fly by! I have been doing the virtual classes since March and have continued to gain so much strength. The cues and setup are seamless online just as in studio. My core strength has improved dramatically since doing pilates regularly and I can’t thank Andrea and the whole staff enough!”
-Tricia T.